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    Méďa Kubík 

    Letní sezóna 2022 ukončena

    Děkujeme za důvěru a v zimě se těšíme opět na brzkou shledanou

    Děkujeme za pohodovou letní sezónu plnou úsměvů a těšíme se na Vás opět v zimě na lyžích či snowboardech.

    Váš Méďa Kubík a celý jeho tým

Kubík the Bear’s sporting games

or a triathlon for children. The boundless sporting mood is very catching!

Children can compete in goal shooting, shooting a ball at a basket and a long jump into sand. We have an experienced referee who sees to it that everybody plays fair, which is the basic principle of our games. Each child will get a sports certificate with his or her results as a keepsake. The three best ones in each age group will also receive a special prize and a medal.

When: special days - ask on the cash desk, or on the phone number: +420 604 349 955
What time: from 10:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.
Fee: included in the entry fee to Kubík the Bear’s nature trail (see price list: 50 CZK / person)
Awards ceremony: at the Three Annies Ranch terrace starting at 5:30 p.m., includes mini disco and results of the competition in sliding the Mega Slide standing.

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    3.7. - 28. 8. 2022
    10AM - 6PM