Park Frymburk at Lipno Lake - Lot of fun

Ski-Slopes RELAX and TIGER...this is the best view on Lipno lake

Slope Relax: 620m

Slope Tiger: 650m

Snowmaking systems : Snow gun from TechnoAlpin

Ski-Slope preparation: Snow Groomer Pisten Bully and our experienced riders Luboš and Zdenda

Spacious slopes

For winter sport lovers Park Frymburk offers two blue slopes for beginners with amazing panorama on Lipno lake and surrouding Sumava nature .

You can arrive to buttom main lift with 100m carpet which you can find in Teaching Park of Kubík the Bear, Teaching park you can find next to the parking place. Lift is easy to handle also for kids and beginners.

When you ride on top with main lift and after that you ride down on slope Tiger you will arrive to our auxiliary lift for weekend

On both slopes Relax and Tiger in cold weather we make artificial snow with snow guns.

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